Power BI Basic Training

The Power BI The Basics - Digital training

This tool is here to stay. As a professional working with data, you need to know what this tool can do for you. In this online training we will get you started within just a few hours.

In this training you will discover the potential of Microsoft Power BI. We will vary between theory and practice by getting started with building dashboard hands-on. Furthermore we will give you as a user a clear view on the functionalities and easy-to-use character of the solution.

Without exception, the trainers are professionals with extensive practical experience. They will ensure the applicability of the skills that are learned in the training and provide you with real tips from real life situations. After this training, you will have a clear insight into the functionalities of the tool, and you will be capable of creating valuable dashboards for your organization.

Is this training for you?

For users of, or people interested in this tool, such as:

  • Analysts
  • BI professionals
  • Business Intelligence and IT-managers

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