About Us

Our vision (the short version)

- People shouldn't spend their days copying-and-pasting
- We empower people by using state of the art technology
- Data Visualization, Data Science, Data Engineering, Process Mining and Low-Code are strong enablers

Technology Gap

Before starting Rockfeather, we worked with finance departments to move them forward on the path of digitalization. We were struck with the fact that so many highly educated finance professionals were spending their days copying and pasting to and from spreadsheets and legacy systems. The gap between the technology we use in our day-to-day lives and what we use in our organizations is enormous.

Empowering People

These professionals deserve better. Not only in finance but throughout the organization. We put our technology-skills to work to build solutions that empower people in organizations. By eliminating copy-and-paste-processes and support them with 21st-century solutions.

Embracing Technology

So we decided not to limit ourselves to finance and to launch Rockfeather. Rockfeather is our platform to bundle expertise on Data Visualization, Data Science, Data Engineering , Process Mining and Low-Code. With these toolsets, we build solutions that empower professionals in all functions and industries.

Want to know more?

We love to hear your questions or ideas. Please contact Jonathan.