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Welcome to our blog section. We “blog” about everything on Data Visualization, Data Science, Data Integration and Low-Code. You can find the subjects you are looking for by using the filter option below. Please contact us if you want to share your thoughts about our blogs.


All you need to know about Microsoft Data Integration Services

In this blog we explain you all you need to know about Microsoft Data Integration Services. The Microsoft Data Integration Services is an umbrella for different solutions, we help you to find your way through these different solutions and what you can use them for.

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Data & Analytics Line Up (Videos)

Are you looking for a new dashboarding or data integration solution? Do you want to compare data science solutions? Or do you want to see Low Coding platforms in action? It’s all possible during the Data & Analytics Line Up 2021! The recordings are now available. Please note most tool sessions where in Dutch

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predictive maintenance

Webinar: Predictive Maintenance

In this 30-minute webinar, Rockfeather consultant Alexander will showcase how you can build a predictive maintenance model in Alteryx – no coding, data science, or statistics experience necessary.

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Machine learning

Data Science meets Data Viz - Spotify Dashboard

Visualising your data is a great way to bring the right message across to your audience. Until now, data processing scripts or low-code functionality enabled BI analysts to transform the data and filter out only the most important data. At the same time, many BI analysts are pumping up their python (or R) knowledge to apply more advanced analytics to their data and visualise that in a dashboard or low-code app. 

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Webinar: Predict Churn with Artificial Intelligence

Do you want to know how predictive models can help your company make better decisions? Then watch our webinar “Predict churn with artificial intelligence”. Lots of companies are focusing on getting new customers instead of keeping their existing customer base. Due to these strategies, a lot of customers are hopping from company to company.

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Low Code

What are the latest developments in low-code? - Gartners Magic Quadrant 2020

IT professionals are experiencing increasing challenges around application delivery due to developer and skills shortages. In its Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platform report, Gartner compares 19 different Low-code Application Platforms (LCAPs) that can contribute to smoother application development. In this blog, you’ll read about what low-code entails and what the key trends and developers are in the field of LCAPs.

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Automated reports with Power BI Report Builder

The fact that Power BI can be used to create dashboards is by now known to many organisations. However, many people do not know that there is a tool within Power BI that can help when there is a specific demand for (automated) PDF or Excel reports. This tool is called Power BI Report Builder. In this article, we will take a closer look at Power BI Report Builder to give you a better understanding of this tool.

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Digital Customer Experience Made Easy

Webinar: Digital Customer Experience made Easy

What opportunities could you grasp if you could create digital experiences for your customers just in weeks? Customer self-service portals, mobile apps, or agent portals that run on any device. It’s all possible within weeks with a low-code platform.

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Scale-up in the spotlight: Natural Spices

Scale-ups, businesses in full development with ambitious entrepreneurs aiming for significant growth. It is an enormous source of inspiration. But what does such a scale-up look like and who are the entrepreneurs behind it? What role does digitization play in their strategy and what lessons have they learned? We were curious and went to investigate. In the near future, we will put a number of these scale-ups and the ambitious people behind them in the spotlight. The kick-off of this inspiring series was given by ambitious entrepreneur Yvo Keijlewer, owner of Natural Spices.

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