What is low-code?

Low-code is a development approach to application development. It enables developers of diverse experience levels to create applications for web and mobile, using drag-and-drop components. These platforms free non-technical developers from having to write code while still getting support from professional developers. 

Working together

Together, developers in the business and IT build, renew, and release applications in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional methods. This type of application development enables the production of a full range of app types for various use cases. These apps range from improving finance applications to creating an entirely new environmental impact app! 

Rockfeather and low-code 

At Rockfeather, we love the opportunities of low-code. We develop new applications from scratch in a fraction of the time it usually took. It allows us to create a ‘tailor-made app’ for you, with all your specific wishes for a whole new way of working.  

But sometimes you don’t need a whole new application. If you already have an app with your specific wishes that’s getting to slow, complicated, or out of date, we can rebuild it. Please don’t get rid of something good; create a more reliable, faster, and smarter version of it.  

Low-code also provides us to combine and connect processes and systems that were never connected before. By combining processes and systems, we can create new data with insights you never expected.  

And for the spreadsheet-lovers, luckily there is also good news. We can replace old, slow, complex spreadsheets for a simple, safe, and smooth new application. You don’t need to throw away something you love, build a better version of it! 

In short

In short, low-code enables us to do what we like the most: empower people! Developing applications with non-technical people in the business is one of the most valuable assets of these toolsets. Combined with our technical expertise, we develop a custom-made app for you! 

Our Low-Code Portfolio

Cases & Solutions

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Beezzz - sustainability app

Low Code - Sustainability App

In the last five years, sustainable development has become one of the essential pillars of organizations. Despite that, lots of organizations seem to struggle with implementing, measuring, and managing sustainable development. Together with leading organizations, we developed a straightforward app-platform with the sole purpose of making implementing, measuring, and managing sustainable development goals easier.

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Brill Publishers - Datadriven insights

Dashboards with impact at Brill

Brill Publishers wants to improve its reporting landscape. She opts for a visual impact on the management information. The new reporting tool provides insight into trends via dashboards. This saves time, quickly brings various information together, and appeals to the imagination. 

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