data science

Data Science

What is data science?

Data science is a combination of statistics, software engineering, and domain expertise to gain insight and understanding. Besides that, it is a human activity and should not be confused with artificial intelligence. We define three types of insights that it can provide: 

  • Descriptive (the average customer has a chance to renew of 73%)
  • Exploratory (the renewal rate of our customers differs per sales rep) 
  • Causal insights (customers assigned to Frank have a higher chance to renew than customers assigned to Paul).

Why is it important?

Data science is a robust set of tools to discover new and sometimes surprising insights in large volumes of data. Also, you wouldn’t find them by looking at a straight forward visualization; only the tools in this toolkit can surface these hidden insights.

Why Rockfeather?

We use data science in a lot of situations. An everyday use case is the analysis of customer churn. It helps our customers to understand why customers stop doing business with them. With these insights on the table, processes will improve, and customer loyalty will get a boost.

Another use case is the analysis of sick leave. For example, every organization wants to be a place where employees grow and thrive. Understanding why sick leave occurs and fixing the causes that lie within your organization is crucial, especially for labor-intensive organizations.

A third use case is customer segmenting, because we use it to discover new customer segments in large data sets. These new customer segments are typically very focused and can be used to serve customer needs better and to grow your business.

Our toolsets

We use a best in class portfolio of toolsets. We evaluate our portfolio continuously, and we add new and promising solutions to the portfolio where we can. Our current portfolio includes:

In short

Data science empowers professionals by delivering insights that traditional analysis will not be able to surface. It drives improvements in customer churn, sick leave, and customer-segmenting.

Our Data Science Portfolio

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