Empowering Nutricia through Power BI coaching

As part of Danone, Nutricia believes that employees should be empowered to be able to work with data independently. However, several teams within the Nutricia factory in Zoetermeer had questions about Power BI dashboarding. Unfortunately, the digital team also lacked the necessary knowledge to answer these questions. We set up a training & coaching program together with Nutricia that helps end-users to get more out of their Power BI reporting. Read below what we did to empower Nutricia’s teams.

A gap in knowledge 

Nutricia’s Digital Team concerns itself with how employees can get the most out of their digital environments within the factory in Zoetermeer. Several teams within the factory use Power BI on a daily basis, but they lacked the more advanced knowledge to gain more insights from their BI dashboards. Nutricia found the perfect partner in us to help out their motivated employees. This not only allowed the overall Power BI knowledge at Nutricia to be improved, but also reduced the workload of the internal Power BI team.  

Empowering Nutricia 

We apply a training that is focused on empowering our clients. At Nutricia, this meant that the Digital team was initially trained on their basic knowledge of Power BI. After which the team was immediately thrown into the deep end and got to work building their own dashboards. Of course, this didn’t mean that the various departments were left to their own devices. During weekly coaching sessions, key users could personally ask questions about Power BI to one of our experts. Finally, the key users, in charge of creating and maintaining several dashboards, received expert training. This gave these professionals even more insight into their data and how to create dashboards efficiently. 

The result and next steps 

Because of the basic training and weekly coaching sessions, key-users deliver reports faster and better within the Nutricia factory. As a “next step”, we are working closely with the Nutricia teams towards standardization of the workflow. This will make communication even easier because everyone will be using the same terms between the different departments of the factory. This means that even more time is saved and that the teams can better focus on analyzing the extracted data, allowing for even better delivery to customers and therefore even more children receiving the best nutrition available. 

Coaching by Rockfeather 

We always want to empower ambitious people. One way we do this is through a personal approach to training and coaching. We place high value in making the training accessible to everyone. In addition, the weekly coaching session ensures that a bond is created which makes working with us not only effective, but also fun! Curious about Nutricia’s experience? Watch the video at the top of this page for Nutricia’s story. 

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