Integrate CCH Tagetik into PowerBI quickly and easily!

For years, people have been saying that the worlds of Finance and IT are moving closer together. But, what does this mean for your company? Also, what opportunities are there in terms of integration and visualization? Most important. wow can you make it easy for yourself in a (seemingly) complex application landscape? In this video, we look at how you, as a Power BI Professional, can integrate CCH Tagetik data in a quick and easy way.

Integrate CCH Tagetik, By choosing this powerful combination, will give you and your company the following benefits:

  1. In no time at all, you as a Power BI professional can expand your dataset with this data: implementations usually take only a couple of days.
  2. This data is often vital input for decisions in other departments, making your Power BI solution even more widely applicable.
  3. The centralization of data in Power BI, combined with other non-financial data, provides more insights and recognition of previously unknown patterns that can lead to better insights.

Watch the video to integrate CCH Tagetik!


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