Webinar: Planning in Power BI

Are you ready to start planning more efficiently? During this webinar, we discuss Acterys, a xP&A solution that utilizes the power of AI with the visualization possibilities of Power BI.

Are you looking for a smarter and more efficient way of structuring your financial planning activities? Would you rather work within the comfort of Power BI? And are you looking for a solution that can help your company be prepared for unforeseen circumstances?

During this webinar, Alexander will be going over Acterys, a planning and write-back platform that integrates extremely well with Power BI. As a result, you are able to access xP&A use cases such as budgeting & forecasting, S&OP, cash flow forecasting, financial close, workforce planning, among others. Simply put, Acterys can help you with various tasks related to forecasting. On top of that, with the power of AI, Acterys is able to help your business prepare for unforeseen circumstances.

What will you learn during this webinar?

  • How Acterys helps you with different tasks related to the planningprocess
  • How you can create Predictive Analytics with the power of AI in Acterys
  • How you can access different xP&A use cases from within Power BI

To whom is this webinar interesting?

This webinar is for everyone that works with, or is looking for a new, planning processes, such as:

  • FP&A professionals
  • Planners
  • Power BI users
  • BI managers
  • Business controllers

Watch the webinar!

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