Azure Logic Apps

- Integrate and automate your data and business on a low-code platform
- Advanced technical options for complex business challenges
- Pay-as-you-go structure for optimal cost control

What is Logic Apps? 

Within the many tools available on the Azure platform you’ll find Logic Apps, a tool differentiating itself a bit more from the tools present in the power platform by being more oriented towards the technical user. 

This tool is primarily aimed at process automation presented in a low-code interface. For example IPAAS cases or ETL processes where data needs to be retrieved from API’s. Here Microsoft gives the developer a lot of flexibility and freedom when it comes to designing the required logic. 

Five Benefits of Logic Apps: 

  • Competitive pricing 
  • High development speed 
  • Good integration with other Azure services 
  • Low-code 
  • High degree of flexibility 

Advanced tooling for technical users 

Sometimes built-in low-code doesn’t quite cut it, for this reason, Logic apps supports using actual code when your solution needs more flexibility. You can also start Docker containers or run Azure functions. Just like most Azure services, Logic Apps has a pay-as-you-go structure. So you’re only charged when your applications are actively running. 

Because of the high degree of flexibility, this tool can be used in a wide range of cases: from simple one-off integrations to layered systems where logic apps trigger other logic apps based on conditional logic. You can even develop authentication systems, as Logic Apps has built-in support for Azure Key Vault. Not only can the logic app be triggered by another logic app, but manual, scheduled and event-based triggers are also possible. 

Rockfeather and logic apps 

At Rockfeather we’ve noticed that there’s often a demand for extra data or the automation of manual tasks like sending emails or changing file names. Here Logic Apps fits the bill perfectly. We can design a solution in a short time frame, and because of the cost model that Logic Apps uses it can be implemented for customers of any size. Usually, one request leads to more, as customers start to see other problems that can be solved with Logic Apps. 


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