Azure Machine Learning

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

- Microsoft Azure Machine Learning is a collaborative, drag-and-drop tool.
- Build, test, and deploy predictive analytics solutions.
- the tool publishes models as web services that can easily be consumed by custom apps or BI tools such as Excel.

What is Microsoft Azure Machine Learning?

Azure Machine Learning can be applied for any type of machine learning (ml), from standard ml to deep learning, supervised, and unsupervised learning. Whether you prefer to write Python or R code or zero-code/low-code options such as the designer, you can create, shape, and track highly accurate machine learning and deep-learning models.

Rockfeather and Machine Learning

At Rockfeather, we embrace the possibilities of machine learning. We use data science in a lot of situations. For example, we used it for the analysis of customer churn. Data science helps our customers to understand why their customers stop doing business with them. With these insights on the table, the process improved, and customer loyalty got a boost. 

Azure Machine Learning is the most certified cloud provider worldwide, meeting the most top security and quality requirements. Add that to a variety of possibilities, and you have a strong basis for a future-proof A.I. organization.

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