At Rockfeather we believe in Empowering ambitious people. Part of this promise is providing the right trainings to help you get to the next level of knowledge.

Below a list of all our trainings we offer. These trainings can be offered in a classroom at our location or as a customized version, inhouse at your company. Don’t see a training you are looking for? Or want to know how we can tailor a training to your company needs? Please let us know using the contact form below!

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Azure Fundamentals

The Azure Data Engineering Fundamentals training is tailored for you if you want to initiate your journey into data engineering on the Azure Cloud platform. Whether you are a beginner or have recently ventured into the field, this training comprehensively explores crucial concepts.

Data Science Fundamentals

The basic concepts of data science and machine learning will be introduced during this training. We start with theory but will quickly put that theory into practice. First, with drag-n-drop no-code tools, and later in the course, we will train machine learning models with the programming language Python. 


In this training you will learn how to become more effective in reporting using the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS). At the end of the training you will be able to apply the standards and understand and explain the benefits of IBCS. Inhouse training, price per group.

Power Apps (2 days)

This training suits you if you want to start with Power Apps or are just started.  At the end of the training, you do fully understand the different tools within the Power Platform.

Power Apps (5 days)

When you really want to start developing apps while having the best start possible, this is the training for you. In 5 days, we will simulate a ‘real’ project. Of course, we also ensure that you will learn the basis of the Power Platform by providing small theory classes (based on the two-day training course)

Power BI Advanced

Do you already have a basic knowledge of Power BI? Are you ready to take your knowledge to the next level? Then this two-day training will help you further. During the course, you will learn the skills that enable you to develop a dashboard in Power BI from start to finish.

Power BI Fundamentals

In this PowerBI training, you will be introduced to the possibilities of Microsoft Power BI within one day. We will alternate the theory by quickly getting started with building dashboards so that you, as a user, get a good idea of the tool’s functionalities and ease of use.

Process Science

Looking for insights into process optimization? Our training dives deep into the core of Process Mining and the fundamentals of Power BI. After this training you will be able to use the Process Science plug in for Power BI to start getting insights in your processes and how to optimize them.

Time Series Analysis & Advanced forecasting

This course focuses on timeseries. A specific regression problem which includes a time component and tries to predict future e.g. the revenue for the coming six weeks. The course will build upon basic knowledge of python and machine learning. Data Science Fundamentals is needed as a prerequesite.