Beezzz - sustainability app

A Digital Sustainability Platform

Key Capabilities of the app:
- Supports collecting, commenting and visualizing of sustainability data
- Process-oriented with robust audit trails
- Both mobile and desktop clients

Beezzz - Sustainability App

In the last five years, sustainable development has become one of the essential pillars of organizations. Despite that, lots of organizations seem to struggle with implementing, measuring, and managing sustainability.

Together with leading organizations, we developed a straightforward low code sustainability app. Furthermore, the sole purpose of this app is to make implementing, measuring, and managing sustainable development easier.


Why a solution for Sustainability? 

Sustainability is probably the hottest topic of this momentEveryone seems to realize that something needs to change, especially large corporations. That’s why we did research, and we came to a surprising conclusion: it is the old-fashioned corporate technology that’s a critical blocking factor.  

Our research showed that 67% of the participants have trouble collecting data for sustainability and keep track of performance measurement and KPI’s. In other words: 2 out of 3 highly motivated people who want to change their organization for a better world are blocked by outdated processes, prone to error spreadsheets.  

What does the Sustainability App do? 

Our sustainability app supports the collection of data and the analysis and reporting of this data. The platform contains a range of functionalities: 

  • Define a framework with metrics, entities and users 
  • Set targets for each metric 
  • Collect the right data with clear audit trails 
  • Conduct analysis of all sustainability data  
  • Report on all data using dashboards 

SDG Dashboard

How does it work? 

Our app is based on Microsoft technology components. As a result, we combine Low Code technology from Microsoft Power Apps with the analytical power of Microsoft Power BI. By using these components, we can leverage existing security frameworks in your organization. 

So, what’s in it for you? 

Our app helps make sustainability, not a hollow promise but a manageable process. With secure and fast data collection, you can reduce the effort by 50%. The dashboards give clear insights and will help to build a sustainable future. Learn more about this low code app at


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