Data-Driven account management at ISS


• ISS wants to work on a new business model with several key-accounts.
• This way of working relies on trust and transparency.
• We created an interactive system with actual costs.
• Better in control with less effort.

What was the dream?

ISS-facility services wants to become the best service provider in the world. To become the best, it wants to work with a number of its key-accounts based on a new business model, in which cooperation between partners is central.

Why was our solution needed?

ISS wanted to work with a number of its key accounts based on the relationship, rather than the transaction. Equivalence is the starting point; think less from individual interests as a supplier or client, but a collaboration in which both parties are equally committed to each other’s success.

The focus was on what ISS wanted to achieve together with its clients and what added value they want to create. This way of working requires a different mindset, whereby both parties rely on trust and transparency. This way of working requires a different mindset, whereby both parties rely on trust and transparency.

How does it work?

New style account management
Working from trust requires information that you give each other. If you all look at the same thing, you get more involvement. You can reach all stakeholders with a dashboard.

A shared dashboard: the basis for a good conversation
Also, a dashboard increases engagement. At Enexis, we looked at the figures together, but of course, there is still a whole group of stakeholders involved. With a dashboard, you can reach all those stakeholders, and also in an interactive way. At Enexis, but also internally within ISS. The Cleaning project manager also better understands how we view the contract.

Directly linked to the sources
More parties offer dashboards, but in practice, that is a sort of Excel environment. However, the dashboards needed to be connected. Better connectivity lowers the error sensitivity and makes it easier also to reproduce the dashboard for other customers. If you want to be transparent to the customer, you have to work from the source. You use a dashboard together, so the figures must be one with the financial data; otherwise, you cannot steer.

What does the customer think of it?

“Now we have an interactive dynamic system that looks professional, but more importantly, where we can see the actual costs. As partners, you both know how things are going.”

“We were looking for transparency, and we got that with the Finext dashboard.” “Transparency is crucial,” says Kyrsa. “You can see that in our collaboration with Enexis, but also the cooperation with Finext. Every two weeks, we share where we are and what we have used in terms of budget. ”

It is bright and informative. As a management organization, we are in better control with less effort. The information is available online and automated 24/7, which means that data quality has improved. I can immediately see where I am below budget and where, for example, a company restaurant is above budget. Then I can zoom in and see again in which month the costs are, and whether it concerns personnel or ingredients.”

Improved collaboration
In addition to improved insight, Gerdine sees another significant advantage. “Because we look at the same information and we both know what to do, the collaboration has improved. I think that is a considerable bonus.


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