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Data Science Discovery Session

Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning are becoming buzzwords more and more. The terms appear to be valuable according to the trendwatchers, but most often people do not even know what the terms mean, let alone that they use them.

We at Rockfeather help people and organizations to understand and retrieve value from the buzzwords.

Data Science Discovery Session

During this session, Rockfeather will help you find the most valuable Data Science use cases for your organization. Rockfeather uses a Data Science Framework to devise relevant use cases.

When you sign up for the discovery session, you will receive an online survey in your mailbox. The results of the survey will help us indicate in which stage your organization is regarding data science.

Together we will have a look at the results of the survey. Once the stage is determined, we will discuss the next steps and relevant data science use cases for your organization. After the session, you have a clear understanding of the stage your organization is currently in, what the next steps are, and what are relevant data science use cases to start with.

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