Webinar: Do or Do not? Switching from Excel to PowerApps

Everyone knows the power of Excel. However, sometimes you stumble upon limitations of the powerful spreadsheet tool. This is where PowerApps comes in. Learn in what situations you should switch to PowerApps during this quick 20 minute webinar.

Do you notice that Excel is no longer able to support your critical business processes? That your file takes too long to load? Or that you have to access the same data with 5 people at the same time? That sometimes you no longer even know if the data you are looking at is correct? It’s time for a more flexible and scalable solution. Microsoft developed the Power Platform for exactly this reason. Because where Excel excels at simple tasks, Power Apps is the solution for more complex, dynamic challenges.

In this short webinar, we’ll take a closer look at how Power Apps can improve your data management and how to efficiently create scalable and app-based solutions for you and your colleagues. We’ll also look at the cost and learning curve for deploying Power Apps. This will help you find out where Power Apps complements Excel and what it takes to deploy Power Apps. Interested? Fill out the form below to watch the webinar.

What will you learn during this webinar?

  • The benefits of adding Power Apps to your workflow while maintaining functionality in Excel.
  • Where the limitations of Excel lie and how Power Apps gets around these problems.
  • What are the use cases for deploying Power Apps?
  • What to consider around implementation of Power Apps, think cost and learning curve.

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