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Why PowerApps is a great Excel replacement

In this blog, we are looking at a common scenario in the world of data: Microsoft Excel versus PowerApps. PowerApps offers a great alternative to our traditional spreadsheets. We will explore why it sometimes might be a clever idea to switch from your familiar spreadsheets to the new world of PowerApps.

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Deep Dive Power Apps and Outsystems

In this webinar our experts compare the two solutions on four aspects. In just over 10 minutes, you will learn the difference between Power Apps and Outsystems.  Sign up at the bottom of the page and watch the webinar right away!

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Boost your business efficiency with lowcode

In the fast-paced and highly competitive world of business, standing out is no longer just a desire, but a necessity. That’s exactly why organizations are constantly seeking innovative solutions to streamline their processes and increase efficiency. Traditionally, organizations leverages hardcore-IT in order to become more efficient. However, this solution is time-consuming and, more important, IT-talents are a rare find. This combination often results in a flooding backlog and a business having a hard time to stand out. If you are looking for a game-changing solution that can boost your business’s efficiency and productivity, lowcode might be your answer.

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Webinar: What are the best Low Code apps in 2023?

Looking for a low-code way to do application development? The Gartner Magic Quadrant on Low Code platforms is a report of, a whopping 125 pages that lists all the platforms. Are you having a hard time dissecting every detail in the report? Don’t worry, our experts delved into every little detail!

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The Power of Microsofts Low Code platform

As the low-code platform that integrates with Microsoft 365, Azure, and Dynamics 365, the Microsoft Power Platform is perfect for professionals who want to develop apps but lack the necessary programming knowledge. In addition, because of its integration with other Microsoft platforms, the Power Platform is perfect for companies that use Microsoft tools. But what are the different apps? And why is using the Power Platform so useful? What’s so convenient about Low Code? In this blog, we try to answer all these questions.

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Power Automate or Logic Apps

Power Automate or Logic apps? Two similar automation tools, both on the Microsoft platform with a common look. With many of the same features the differentiation lies in the details.

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Looking back: Data & Analytics Line Up 2022

Want to know what’s on sale for dashboarding or data integration solutions? Want to compare data science solutions? Or would you like to see Low Coding platforms in action? This and more was discussed at the Data & Analytics Line Up 2022!

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The Future of Data & Analytics 2022

The Future of Data & Analytics 2022 took place on June 14. During this yearly event, we were inspired by speakers that shed a light on how they implemented a successful data & analytics strategy.

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Online workshop Power Apps

This online workshop is here to show you how to create the best digital experience for your customers with low-coding. In just 2 hours we will get you up to speed with Power Apps.

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