- Build a modern data warehouse in an efficient way
- Easily gives you an overview and insights of the data processes with the use TimeXtenders’ Data Management Hub
- Optimizes your Azure resource costs with TimeXtender

Save a lot of time 

TimeXtender is an integrated data management platform that enables you to build a modern data estate (data warehouse). With TimeXtender, you will not use a traditional working environment with many separate tools and manual scripts.  The ‘Data management platform’ uses an Operational Data Exchange (ODE) in which you can connect to various data sources and load data. With the loaded data, you can build your modern data warehouse (MDW), where you do all your transformations. On top of the MDW, you make a Semantic layer. This Semantic layer is created to have area-specific data models and can be used in various data visualization tools like Power BI, Tableau, and Qlik.  

The tool is based on the Microsoft Azure platform and creates resources automatically in Azure. By doing this, the resources are created to reduce cloud costs compared to creating the resources yourself. Besides the cloud cost savings, TimeXtender saves you a lot of time. The way that the Data Management platform is arranged empowers your organization to take advantage of your newly built data warehouse quickly. Building and maintaining a data warehouse is no longer a time-consuming job. Besides building the data warehouse, TimeXtender automatically documents everything you design, saving valuable development time. 

TimeXtender in action

Rockfeather and TimeXtender 

At Rockfeather, we see TimeXtender as the next step in data maturity. If you want to grow your data warehouse professionally, consider using this tool. It also saves you time compared to traditional ways of building data warehouses is seen as the biggest advantage. It is really easy to orchestrate the processes to run your data warehouse and maintain them.  

With more traditional ways of developing a data warehouse, we face issues switching between development, test, and production environment, TimeXtender, however, has built-in features for this. Together with other built-in features to easily create historically changing tables, it is easy to get results fast. Developing in TimeXtender will automatically create consistency. This means that it doesn’t matter who works in the tool, it will produce the same code, making it readable and transferable to anyone within your organization. 

Lastly, we can increase and monitor data quality in TimeXtender. We can build validations and rules to ensure that we get the desired and expected results. Creating these reliable outputs will increase the quality of decisions based on the data we show. 

These are just some examples of how we save time and increase reliability by using TimeXtender in our projects. If you want to know more, ask us for a demo. 

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