Process Science

- Simplified Process visualization
- Plugin for Power BI and Qlik Sense
- Improve their data accuracy by using real-time data to make decisions

What is Process Science? 

Process Science, is a leading process intelligence company with a plugin for Power BI and Qlik Sense. This plugin simplifies process visualization, making it easier than ever for organizations to gain valuable insights into their business processes. 

It integrates seamlessly with Power BI and Qlik Sense, enabling users to create customized process-visualizations in just a few clicks. With the intuitive interface, users can easily drag and drop process data into their reports and dashboards, creating clear and concise visualizations that help them understand how their processes are performing.  

Key Features 

Process Science offers a range of features, including the ability to: 
– Visualize process flows, bottlenecks, and inefficiencies 
– Monitor process KPIs in real-time 
– Identify process variations and outliers 
– Analyze process performance across different time periods and departments 
In addition, the plugin is fully customizable, allowing users to adjust visualizations to meet their specific needs. With the plugin, users can create engaging, informative visualizations that help them make data-driven decisions and improve their business processes. 

Why use this tool?

– Save time and resources by automating the process visualization process 
– Improve their data accuracy by using real-time data to make decisions 
– Make informed decisions that help them optimize their processes and drive business success 

Process Science in action

Rockfeather and Process Science 

At Rockfeather, we believe in empowering organizations to make data-driven decisions based on their processes. We understand that no business is the same, and no process is identical. Therefore, we offer a free-of-charge Process Mining Discovery Session to help you determine where your organization can leverage Process Mining.  

By working together with Process Science, we combine the insights of Process Mining with the possibility of analyzing your business processes within your BI tool, such as Power BI.  

Want to know more?

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