Power BI vs Tableau: Filter out the Noise

Power BI and Tableau are both leading data visualization solutions. Comparing the two options can be a daunting task. There is a lot of marketing noise from parties that sell or work with just one of the two solutions. This will not help you. 

The Analyst View 

Analysts typically limit themselves to high level tactical comparisons. Their job is to focus more on the long term and help you with more strategic decisions. That is valuable information of course. This is good to know, but not if you want to dig into the features of today’s solution. 

Comparing the features 

To help you to make better-informed decisions, our Tableau and Power BI experts developed a deep-dive webinar. In this webinar the experts compare the two solutions on five aspects. In 20 minutes, you will learn the difference between Tableau and Power BI focusing on Data ConnectionData ModellingData Visualization, Formulas and Platform. Watch the webinar right now by filling out the form. 

Learn even more, get hands on 

If you want to learn even more, you can join one of our test drives. In the Tableau or Power BI test drive you will get hands on experience with these solutions.  You can sign up for these free online test drives below.

Tableau Test Drive 

Power BI Test Drive

Watch the full webinar

Watch the webinar and in 20 minutes, you will learn the difference between Tableau and Power BI focusing on Data Connection, Data Modelling, Data Visualization, Formulas and Platform. Just fill out the form and you will get instant access. Besides, don't worry! We won't give your details to anybody else and we won't spam you with non-relevant info.

Power BI vs Tableau: Filter out the Noise

  • Power BI vs Tableau: Filter out the Noise

    Power BI vs Tableau: Filter out the Noise

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