1. Practical proposals for the design of reports, presentations, dashboards
2. Improves the speed of analysis by 46% and the accuracy of decision-making by 61%
3. We implement the standards and offer official training

What is IBCS? 

The International Business Communication Standards (IBCS®) are suggestions for the design of presentations, reports, dashboards, and the diagrams and tables contained within. The improvement of the IBCS® Standards is an ongoing process, which is managed by the not-for-profit IBCS Association

Why is it important? 

A study of the Technischen Universität München (TUM) shows that with the proper use of IBCS® the following results can be achieved.*  

They increase: 

  1. the speed of analysis by 46% 
  2. the accuracy of decision-making by 61%

Overall, these figures prove that it pays off to invest in standardization.

Rockfeather and IBCS

Standardization might sound and look a bit dull, but we know it gets the job done! We embrace this standard to create standardized and impactful dashboards. Also, we use the add-in for Power BI, Zebra BI, to implement IBCS standards in a Power Bi environment. Besides that, we are also an official IBCS® Silver Partner.

How can we help you?

Decision-makers love to consume their information consistently and reliably. On the other hand, analysts can finally do what they were hired for, advising instead of reporting baking. This is our approach to implement IBCS: 


As an expert in your field, you have processed essential and accurate data. Yet, it takes much more to present this data successfully to management or customers. Focus here must be on your message because recipients will only be able to understand you if you say what must be told. Management reports require precise notation, as is the case with maps or sheets of music. 

The main objective is presenting universal design standards for reports, presentations, and dashboards that will help participants report and perform more effectively – with numerous before-and-after examples taken from actual practice. Find out why large corporations, including SAP and PHILIPS, have successfully standardized their reporting with the SUCCESS formula of the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS®).


Rebuild one existing report/dashboard to IBCS® standards 
After the IBCS® with Success training, we will rebuild an existing dashboard or report and apply the IBCS®. We advise a co-build so that we can use the IBCS® rules together. This company example will be the foundation to decide which elements of IBCS® are required for your organization.

Create IBCS® notation manual
With the previous lessons, we will create a notation manual for your company. Based on the standard template for the notation manual of IBCS®, we will apply branding rules to it and specific notations for your organization. After this step, you will have a clear notation manual, which will be the basis for future reports, dashboards, and presentations in your company. 

IBCS® Tool/plugin selection for future reports 
Based on your current IT landscape and our experience, we can decide together how we are going to apply the standards; within a product already used, with the use of a plugin available for that product or by doing it manually for the different tools available. 


IBCS® workshop – Application of the SUCCESS formula
The supplementary two-day workshop on the practical application of the IBCS® SUCCESS formula. Deepening the 98 conceptual, perceptual, and semantic rules for more natural creation and a better understanding of reports and presentations. With numerous practical examples and exercises. Participants can take part in a subsequent test to earn the ‘IBCS® Certified Analyst’ certificate. The main objective of this workshop is to enable the participants to apply the SUCCESS formula of IBCS® to their reports and presentations. 

Homework assignment with coaching 
After the workshop, participants will receive a homework assignment to rebuild an existing dashboard/report and apply the IBCS® standards to it. We will discuss together what a realistic timeframe is to achieve this in. During the assignment, we will also be available for two half days to help participants if they get stuck 

Workshop to review and discuss homework
After everybody finished their homework, we will organize a workshop where everybody presents their use case. We will use this as an open discussion to learn from examples and to adjust (if necessary) decisions made in the notation manual.


IBCS® Certified Training 
Implementing the SUCCESS formula of the IBCS® Standards in an organization is just as exciting as it is challenging.

This course is focused on experienced consultants and employees in Financial controlling or Business Intelligence projects. After attending the course, participants will be able to implement the SUCCESS formula of the IBCS® Standards on client projects or in their organizations.

Embed IBCS® Coaching 
Rockfeather can assist in the embed phase by providing additional coaching to evaluate progress, discuss specific questions, and help in the overall application of IBCS®. The number of days will be considered based on your needs and can be agreed before the start and be evaluated during this phase. 

Disclaimer: the training courses are provided in close relationship with the IBCS Institute.​

Want to know more?

We love to hear your questions or ideas. Please contact Paul by sending him an email.