Looking back: Data & Analytics Line Up 2022

Want to know what's on sale for dashboarding or data integration solutions? Want to compare data science solutions? Or would you like to see Low Coding platforms in action? This and more was discussed at the Data & Analytics Line Up 2022!

During this event Steven Koppenol, Manager IT & Data Analytics at Visma | Raet told his story:
How does Visma create business value through the smart use of data analytics and automation? What choices has Visma Raet made in its landscape, what have they learned from this and how will this develop in the future?

Keynote speaker Bas Nijhuis, top Eredivisie soccer referee took us through his great love for soccer and what goes on in the life of a top referee. In addition, Bas made connections between the world of top sports and that of business. The use of technology and innovation in making choices is a nice parallel between the world of top sports and our theme for this day.

Furthermore, this day was all about comparing the best Data & Analytics solutions. We are happy to share with you the presentations that were given.

We will take you through solutions like Tray.ioTimeXtenderAlteryxAzure Machine LearningAuto ML (Pycaret)Microsoft Power BITableau and SAP Analytics CloudMicrosoft Power Apps & Automate and Outsystems via the form below.

Would you also like to see the best Data & Analytics solutions side by side?

The slides below are interesting for anyone who wants to innovate but is not yet sure which tools are needed to do so or wants to experience and compare the capabilities of other solutions.

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